Core & Lower Body Kettlebell Workout

Here's a core & lower body kettlebell workout you can perform at home. This intermediate workout will strengthen and tone your core & legs .
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Here’s an intermediate workout I’ve been performing at home. It’s quite challenging and promises to burnout both your core and lower body. To get the most out each exercise, you want to ensure you are going to near failure with each exercise, so perform more reps as necessary.

Download this Intermediate Core & Lower Body Kettlebell Workout.

Bulgarian Split Squat (with 2 Second Pause)

Instruction: Hold a kettlebell in one hand and rest the opposite foot on a bench/chair/raised surface. Get into a lunge position then lower your body until your front thigh is horizontal to the floor. Hold the position for two second then return to starting position. Repeat on the same leg, rest and repeat on the other leg.

Too Hard? Regress the movement by removing the pause at the bottom of the movement

Too Easy? Progress these by pausing longer at the bottom of the movement or using a slowing down the tempo.

Turkish Get Up

Instruction: Lie on you side on the floor, cradle and hold the kettlebell. The turn so that you are lying on your back with the kettlebell in one hand. Lift the kettlebell overhead. With you free arm, push up onto your elbow and then your hand.  Lift you hips from the ground to form a bridge. Sweep your foot under to form kneeling lunge position. Stand up from the lunge then reverse the movement pattern. Repeat on the same side before

Too Hard? If these are to hard you can try doing the movement without the kettlebell or perform a HALF TURKISH GET UP.

Kettlebell Swings

Instruction: Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and the kettlebell place between your feet. Bend at the knees, hinge your hips and pick up the kettlebell with both hands. Hike the kettlebell back between your legs then drive your hips forward and swing the kettlebell forward to shoulder height. Let the kettlebell return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

Too Hard? Regress this exercise by squat to a box or chair.


Hip Raise

Instruction: Lying on your back lift your leg up so they are straight and at a 90-degree angle to your torso. Brace your core and lift your hips off the ground, keeping your feet points straight above you. Lower your hips to the floor to starting position

Too Easy? Progress the exercise by adding a LEG LIFT to the hip raise

Frog Pumps

Instruction: Lying face up, bring your feet together so that your legs are in a diamond shape position. Place the kettlebell on your hip. Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips off the ground. Lower your hips to the ground and repeat the movement.

Too Hard? Do the movement without the kettlebell

Too Easy? Add a miniband to add more glute activation

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Instruction:Lying on your side, raise your upper leg up to around 45-degree angle whilst keeping your leg straight. Lower your leg and repeat the movement.

Too Easy? Add a miniband around your knees for add resistance or try an EXTENDED-RANGE SIDE-LYING HIP ABDUCTION

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